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As one of Panama’s most renowned consulting companies in reputational matters, strategic communication and sustainability, we provide our clients strategic thinking, environmental analysis and manage the relationship with their stakeholders.We consolidate our client’s reputation, culture, corporate image and positioning in order to promote and help them achieve their commercial and institutional objectives.


Our Services

We have a team of high-level professional consultants with the experience to provide the best service:


Our focus is in the formulation and management of comprehensive strategies in the fields of corporate communication, reputation and sustainability, aligned with our client’s business objectives.

Project management

We have a multidisciplinary team of expert consultants that plan and execute projects in accordance with the needs of the company and the expectations of their stakeholders.

Communication Processes

We specialize in control processes and clearly defined indicators. We align the messages and the media with the business’s objective, the realities of the environment and the needs of the different audiences.

Development of Abilities

We develop specialized programs in training and institutional strength to develop key abilities for the organization and its work teams.


It is a decalogue that summarizes the form of ours to act, our philosophy and beginning; as well as the form in which we see our discipline in the industry that we represent.

  • At Stratego, we value our reputation as one of our main assets.
  • We are dedicated to work side-by-side with our customers to achieve a socially just, environmentally responsible and economically healthy growth.
  • We live with passion corporate volunteer, thus reaffirming our social commitment.
  • We base our relations on trust and respect as core values to develop our company.
  • We add talent that live our vision.
  • We are committed to manage our business in an honest, ethical and transparent manner.
  • We encourage dialogue with various stakeholders to meet their expectations, generating solutions and results that build social capital for our customers, our company and the country.
  • We associate with organizations and individuals who share with us responsible competitiveness and sustainable development criteria, committed to create value for its shareholders, employees, customers, communities and other stakeholders.
  • We are signatories of the Global Compact of the United Nations and as such we subscribe to its principles to guide our vocation as a responsible company.
  • We are committed to maintain our leadership through continuous improvement and innovation to remain a leader in our industry.
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