Social Commitment

We reaffirm our commitment with society and with the development of the collective well being of all. We do this executing actions based on ethical and responsible principles. We are a benchmark when referring to social responsibility in Panama

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Sustainability Reports

Aligned with the principles of the United Nations Global Pact, we believe in transparency as one of the most important pillars in the way we do business.

The United Nations Global Pact is an initiative, which has the purpose to promote the incorporation of universally recognized values and principles to the strategic vision and corporate practices of businesses and in this way promote greater Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE). .

Stratego is signatory of the Global Iniciative since 2001, and we report our social responsibility management as an integral part of rendering accounts to our stakeholders.

CSR Annual Reports

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Corporate Voluntary Services

We make space so that our coworkers may have the opportunity to learn and participate in different social programs that deal with activities such as education, childhood, social responsibility, environment, corporate government and the handicap.

is the main program of our corporate social responsibility. It started on May 2009, focusing in communication for development. Through this program we donate our communication services to nonprofit organizations strategically selected and thus, contributing to the positioning of their causes.

All these organizations are aligned with the Sustainable Development Objectives defined by the United Nations. These provide a historical opportunity to unite all people worldwide who are interested in eradicating extreme poverty, struggling against inequality and injustice and protecting our planet. Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible.

Promotes the creation of shared values from a co-responsibility point of view, which allows for real sustainable development encouraging economic competitiveness, social inclusion and environmental sustainability, reaffirming our commitment with society and the environment.

Our environmental management program by which we compensate Stratego’s carbon footprint and promote environmental conscience with our coworkers and stakeholders.


With our activities we promote the integration of our coworkers, while at the same time practice intensively the values of our company.

Internal activities

Voluntary service

Training & workshops