Development and Abilities

We develop specialized programs to educate and strengthen the institution to develop key abilities for the organization and its work teams.

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  • Managing Reputation Program

    We integrate fundamental concepts related to managing corporate reputation using practical cases, examples from different industries and evaluating the impact of the intangible assets in the business plan:

    • Managing reputation risk
    • Elaborating and developing programs of corporate reputation
    • Environment and social expectations
    • Managing reputation in crisis
  • Sustainability Workshops

    Confronting the premise that establishing a relationship between businesses and the sustainable environmental and social objectives cannot be postponed, Stratego has developed workshops with the purpose to raise social awareness and train businesses concerning social responsibility and sustainability processes.

    • Social awareness and social responsibility workshop
    • Managing social responsibility workshop
    • Corporate voluntary service workshop
    • Environmental training

  • Strategic Communication Workshops

    We emphasize the role of strategic communication as a tool to build reputation and favor the business objective. Through our workshops, we contribute with the development of abilities and skills related to corporate communication and in the identification and training of spokespersons, which will effectively manage messages in front of the media and key audiences.

    • Representatives and “Media Training”
    • Message architecture and structure of public position
    • Strategic planning of communications
    • Managing methodology
    • The media and public opinion
  • Interactive Media

    Influenced by the increase of digital media, it is necessary that businesses develop abilities geared towards its exploitation.  In this respect, we offer a portfolio of presentations, courses and workshops in the following themes:

    • Interactive marketing
    • Formulation of social media strategies
    • E-Commerce
    • Usage policy of social media in the company
    • Crisis management in interactive media