Project Management

We have a multidisciplinary team of consultants who are experts in planning and executing projects in accordance with the needs of the company and the expectations of its stakeholders. These projects can be:

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  • Social / Community

    We provide companies or institutions with the tools to design their projects according to the standards and requirements established by the donor, or to design your programs related to sustainable development:

    • Strategic planning of social / community projects
    • Development projects
    • Accompaniment executing social / community projects
  • Environmental

    We advice our clients on a responsible environmental management of the business, with programs that comply with laws and regulations of your sector or the voluntary initiatives of the company.  These actions include solutions such as:

    • Environmental administration plan
    • Environmental impact study
    • Environmental management plan (Spanish acronym PAMA)
    • Carbon footprint measurement
    • Accompaniment during the implementation

  • Corporate Government

    Together with expert consultants, we provide a diagnostic of corporate government practices, as well as the compliance of laws and regulations.  We facilitate processes to implement improvement plans using workshops and the institutionalization of the company.  We provide support to identify and implement good practices and to write a code of ethics.

  • Public / Private Alliances

    With our social capital and profound knowledge of the market, we provide the strategic platform to design and facilitate alliances that allow a proper collaboration between the companies and/or the public sector.  This, with the purpose to carry out projects, programs or activities that will benefit all parties, your company’s objective and the country’s development.