Carolina Terife


Carolina is a professional Social Communicator with vast experience in organizational development, which has led her to specialize in consulting and strategic communication in processes that involve human and talent management, organizational development and corporate communication.

In her professional career, she has been a consultant in Organizational Change Management in Accenture, where she developed projects in various Latin American countries.  In 2005 she becomes Vice President of Corporate Communications of Banitsmo, where she led the brand integration process in the region.  Later she enters Motta Internacional as Vice President of Human Resources, position that she still holds.

She’s a member of the National Association of Human Resources and in 2008 was recognized by Estrategia y Negocios magazine as one of the most important female executives of the region.  As a director in Stratego, Carolina provides her strategic and structured thinking, as well as her knowledge of human resources and organizational development.