Communication Processes

We specialize in processes to control management and defined indicators. We align the messages and the media with the business objective, the realities of the setting and the needs of different audiences.

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  • External Communication

    We plan and execute public opinion managing and communication processes with stakeholders in order to generate good reputation and confidence in the company and its brands, so that the business objective is achieved.

  • Crisis Management

    Based on communication protocols for managing crisis situations, we support our clients during the recovery of normal operations of the company or institution in the shortest time possible, in order to assure the continuance of the company’s activities. These actions are taken to safeguard the corporate image resources and the reputation of the organization.

  • Internal Communication

    We design and execute strategies that strengthen corporate culture and identity, align the staff with the business objective and facilitate organizational change processes, as one of the fundamental aspects to construct corporate reputation.

  • Digital Platforms

    Through our associated company, Activación Digital, we conduct an initial diagnostic and evaluation of your company’s presence in digital media in relation to the business objective.  We then present the opportunities available in the digital media using workshops, benchmarking and market consultation.

  • Monitoring

    We produce reports and analysis of the environment using a sturdy technological platform that allows us to capture relevant information both in traditional and digital media.  This allows our clients to keep well informed about public national news related to their company or sector, as well as other interesting themes related to political, social and economic fields.